The Boys Shave Their Heads

dad shaving ethanThe day before Thanksgiving, Ethan noticed that his hair was starting to fall out. He called me to where he was sitting in tears, and showed me that when he pulls at his hair gently, a bunch comes out very easily. He has always been proud of his long-ish hair, viewing it as a significant part of who he is, so this was a difficult discovery. Over the next week, Ethan noticed a lot of hair falling out — and the hair all over his clothes and pillow and in his mouth was driving him crazy. This past Monday night, Ethan noticed that a significant amount came out in the shower. So, he decided he was ready to shave his head.

Dad went first…Then Dad shaved Ethan…And then Caleb followed. This makes the cancer seem more official. Though I’m glad he was ready to do it. No more ongoing hair loss and hairy clothes/pillows and lint brushes.

He was just given a couple new MaxLove hats which he’s thrilled about. Thank so much Wilfords!

Dad shaving himself first



oct 8 2014, dad shaving caleb

It’s Caleb’s turn!

oct8 2014, 3 bald heads

Three bald boys!




maxlove hats

Ethan in his new MaxLove hat!


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2 Responses to The Boys Shave Their Heads

  1. amyrbenson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Ali. You have such a beautiful family. You are all in my thoughts.


  2. Judy Schneider says:

    Hair or no hair, the Posner boys are very handsome!
    Much love,
    Judy & Dean


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