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I Can’t Believe It Has Been a Year!

I need to get this post out but I’m exhausted, falling asleep as I write…so please excuse the tired and terrible writing that this entry is… The past couple of months since Ethan started school have generally been great. Until … Continue reading

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7 Weeks into Long-Term Maintenance…and 1 Week Back at School!

Ethan is now 7 weeks into Long-Term Maintenance (LTM) — the phase of treatment that he will be in for the next 2 1/2 years. LTM involves less hospital-based chemo, less severe immuno-suppression, and should be less hard on his body. … Continue reading

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Ethan Started Long-Term Maintenance!

I’m too tired to write, especially since I just did a long blog post a couple of days ago. I do want to briefly share that Ethan started Long-Term Maintenance (LTM) today! We went into the clinic for labs early … Continue reading

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Delayed Intensification is Done!

I haven’t written a post in a long time — the more time I let go by, the more daunting the task of writing feels…and so I wait even longer. In May, we hit a bump in the road at … Continue reading

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Interim Maintenance is Done!

It’s Monday night, and I’m writing this on the evening before Ethan starts the next phase of his treatment, called Delayed Intensification. A phase I’ve worried about since diagnosis, though I will save my thoughts on it for my next … Continue reading

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Round 3 of Interim Maintenance is Done

It’s Tuesday morning (4/13), and Ethan just completed his 3rd (of 4) round of Interim Maintenance (I/M) in-patient chemo treatment and recovery. He was supposed to admit to the hospital two weeks ago on Thur 3/27, but he didn’t make … Continue reading

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Round 2 of Interim Maintenance is Done

  Ethan just completed another cycle (hospital + recovery at home) of Interim Maintenance (I/M) — so he has now finished two out of four rounds of this phase of his treatment. He was a couple days delayed to start due to … Continue reading

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